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Google just released Google Backup and Sync, a replacement for the desktop Google Drive app.

Published 7/17/2017 by CBagley

Google just recently announced the release of Google Backup and Sync, which now replaces the uploader tool for both Google Drive and Google Photos, combining the features between of the two. Google Backup and Sync includes many new features as well, making it a more powerful tool for users.

####How's it different from Google Drive?

Arguably, the best feature of Backup and Sync is how it approaches cloud file storage. The biggest drawback in Google Drive was that in order to sync your files to the cloud they needed to be stored in your local Google Drive folder. In Backup and Sync, you no longer have that restriction. Instead, you can select any file or folder and it will be backed up to the cloud. Now you can easily backup your Desktop or Documents folder, or even your entire drive (assuming you have the Google Drive space for it).

Google Backup and Sync aims to provide users with a simple and reliable way to make your files more accessible, easy to share, and now its easy to make backups too.

It is important to note that Backup and Sync does not replace the Google Drive service, but rather it replaces the previous Google Drive desktop app. Google Drive is still where everything is stored and that is still where you go to manage your files from your browser; Backup and Sync is just the new way of getting the files there.

Since the Google Drive service is still the same, there were no changes in the pricing plans:

  • 100GB $1.99/month
  • 1TB $9.99/month
  • 10TB $99.99/month
  • 15GB Free

To get more information on Google Backup and Sync be sure to check out the announcement on Google's blog. If you want to head straight to the download page, it is accessible on the usual Google Drive download site.

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