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  1. Ninite icon

    Ninite is the easiest way to install software. Pick the apps you want, and the Ninite installer will download and install all of your selected apps at once, automatically. It is 100% hands-free; Ninite automatically rejects browser toolbars and other prepackaged junk.

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  2. win-get is an installer and software repository for Microsoft Windows, like apt-get in Linux.

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  3. Patch My PC icon

    This app. Is wonderous if your setting up your new pc, or pc profile for the first time. Loads of apps are included which most people need f.e. codex packs, media players, anti-virus apps, the most common windows look and UI change apps and on. As far as I know (and this might just be me not knowing) but I did not succesfully get to work making all these apps install differently then just to their generic directories. However all in all very easy to use, almost no set-up required.

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  4. Pint icon

    pint is installable through executing the .cmd script through powershell or cmd with admin privilidges it then creates the Pint folders where you executed the script. Which is where all applications will be installed following application of said script and installs down the line.

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  5. scoop icon

    Scoop is an odd on. This app = scoop makes me feel the most like I am using something similar to using the linux 'apt-get' system.
    It also isn't that much harder to understand then apt. Basic setup is you have buckets , buckets have their own theme so to say. There are about five official buckets, you can activate them all through the terminal youre using and I req. you use a newer version of pws. However their is an actual community around this, the basic instructions are given on how to create your own bucket. These buckets can then be sorted by popularity and some other ranking mechanisms.

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  6. Chocolatey icon

    Choco for me is a cool project. You can install ton's of stuff in a relativly overseeable manner and install are fast through powershell. However I do have a couple issues with it. How to config where choc install your apps f.e. , it is doable to change default folders, but this involves some hacking on the users part going to forums as stackexchange and such and trieng the methods people there have seen worked for them. However not everybody does have that know-how or is willing to put up with working through all dat. Another complaint I have is that for CONSUMER use of this product the price seems way too high. (which would include more controls f.e. on safety where every package would virus-scanned, as well as some repos deemed exlusive). Fair enough, but please make it managable for a constumer like me to pay for this service. We are not all enterprises whom can get great discounts if they get it for 1000 licenses.

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  7. NuGet icon

    This is a package manager for windows, which I assume is really efficient in dl libraries and tools needed for development & stuff related to doing so through a pws interface. I've tried multiple times setting this up, but I assume I need more technical know-how to get it working correctly. For loads this works perfectly though so certainly it has a use case.

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  8. AppGet icon

    AppGet seems most similar to scoop in my opnion. Very easy to setup, very similar in how you use the cmds as in the case of scoop. Here however you 'just' get one repo. However this repo is quite big.

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  9. Just Install icon

    just-install is a reall simple package installer to use. It remind me of ninite a bit, but then allot better. As in the ninite way you can go to their website and click say 10 apps you want to install on your machine, after you finalize this , you can dl an .exe (correctmeifwrong). Which really is a script to install all of those apps you selected on the site, to your local machine in one-go. Also has a more basic cmdline-pws interface.

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  10. Npackd icon

    Npackd (pronounced "unpacked") is an application store/package manager/marketplace for applications for Windows. It helps you to find and install software, keep your system up-to-date and uninstall it if no longer necessary.

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