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  1. Tellico icon

    Tellico is a KDE application for organizing your collections. It provides default templates for books, bibliographies, videos, music, video games, coins, stamps, trading cards, comic books, and wines.

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Linux
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  2. GCstar icon

    GCstar is a free open source application for managing your collections. Detailed information on each item can be automatically retrieved from the internet and you can store additional data, such as the location or who you've lent it to.

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  3. Data Crow icon

    Data Crow is the ultimate media cataloger and media organiser. Always wanted to manage all your collections in one product? You want a product you can customize to your needs? Your search ends here! Using Data Crow allows you to create a huge database containing all your...

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    The main screen
  4. FeedTurtle icon

    Download FeedTurtle for free. RSS reader, multimedia manager and TV series manager

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  5. Symphytum icon

    Symphytum is a personal database software for everyone who desires to manage and organize data in an easy and intuitive way, without having to study complex database languages and software user interfaces.

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  6. Memento icon

    Memento is a personal database that allows you to store all personal data in one place.

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  7. Numento icon

    Numento is a elegant collection software fully customizable that will let you freely choose your method of management. Manage your library (Books,CD, DVD, comic books, games), your coins, your stamps, your postcard, etc.

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    Numento screenshot 1
  8. Movie Collector icon

    The Movie Collector DVD Catalog software instantly catalogs your DVD & Blu-Ray collection. Just enter movie titles or scan the barcodes and let Movie Collector download all details and cover images. Free trial download.

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    Movie Collector main screen
  9. Music Collector icon Music Collector instantly catalogs your collection of CDs and music files. Just insert CDs into your computer to let Music Collector download all CD details and cover images. Scan your harddisk to automatically find all music files in MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG or Flac...

    • Mac
    • Windows
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  10. Book Collector icon Book Collector instantly catalogs your home library in a personal book database. Just enter enter ISBNs or scan ISBN barcodes and let Book Collector download all details and cover images.

    • Windows
    • Online
    • Android
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  11. Game Collector icon Game Collector instantly catalogs your video game collection. Just enter game titles or scan the barcodes and let Game Collector download all details and cover images. Free trial download.

    • Windows
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    Game Collector screenshot 1
  12. Griffith icon

    Griffith is a media collection manager application. Adding items to the collection is as quick and easy as typing the film title and selecting a supported source. Griffith will then try to fetch all the related information from the Web.

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • BSD
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    Griffith screenshot 1
  13. Stuff Organizer icon

    Stuff Organizer is a free open source library application. You can organize your stuff (movies, softwares, games, musics, e-books or whatever).

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