Updated web browsers for Windows XP

  • Opera

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    Opera, which is Chromium-based, announced that the last version for XP will be Opera 36, but support will continue with security and crash fixes. This is probably the best choice if you want to migrate from Chrome with few hassles and no radical changes.


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  • Yandex.Browser

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    Yandex.Browser, based on Blink and Chromium, still supports XP and Vista and offers a look similar to Chrome.


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  • Chromium

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    Although Chrome is no longer supported on XP, Chromium is reportedly still working, with some instabilities with videos. It's a pretty good option if you are still used to the Google browser.


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  • Mypal

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    Pale Moon used to support Windows XP until version 27.0
    Mypal is a currently maintained browser for Windows XP based on Pale Moon that continues the work abandoned by Moonchild Productions, offering the security and the customization of all the Firefox-based browsers.


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  • Slimjet

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    Slimjet, another Chromium-based browser, announced in May 2016 it will remain compatible with XP and Vista. In fact Slimjet 10, based on Chromium 50, still continues to support these Windows versions.


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  • Advanced Chrome

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    Advanced Chrome is a special fork of Google Chrome: its Custom Build version offers an improved Download System, integrated Flash Player and support for NPAPI, JAVA and Silverlight that were removed from Chrome.
    The best part is that it's still compatible with Windows XP and updated (as of May 2018).


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  • SeaMonkey

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    SeaMonkey is an Internet suite that consists of a web browser (inspired by Netscape), an e-mail and news client, an HTML editor and an IRC client. It is still compatible with Windows XP SP2+ and has very low requirement.


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  • Midori

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    Midori is a lightweight web browser based on Webkit engine. The browser is not updated since August 2015, but it still works great on Windows XP.


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  • K-Meleon

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    K-Meleon is a lightweight and customizable web browser based on the Gecko engine used by Firefox. The program is available for Windows XP and higher.


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  • Comodo IceDragon

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    IceDragon is a browser based on Firefox and customized by Comodo. The official website automatically offers for XP users the version, based on Firefox 40.0.2: it works great, but if you want to use it the first thing you have to do is blocking the automatic update by going in Settings/Advanced/Update/Never check for updates.
    If you don't block it, the program will search and download latest version of the browser, which is not compatible with Windows XP, and it will crash.


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  • Lunascape

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    Lunascape is a web browser that handles 3 different rendering engines: Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (old Firefox) and Webkit (Safari).
    Unfortunately it can be used on Windows XP with the Webkit engine only: Gecko seems to be no longer downloadable and Internet Explorer engine is basically unusable.


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NOTE: I have not listed browsers with privacy and security issues, like Small Maxthon Cloud Browser iconMaxthon Cloud Browser and Small UC Browser iconUC Browser, that are still compatible with Windows XP but may not be safe.

Comments on Updated web browsers for Windows XP

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In my quest to extend the joys of an XP computer I have tried out many of the above and if it will help I will offer my impressions of the ones I use, try to use, tried to use and stepped away from.
Midori :
As a couple of posters have noted, It works! I find it to be pretty fast and seems to be missing the conflicts that make several of the other recommendations start-stop-chatter-& fail. It has a simple and clean lay out, almost Spartan, and of all those I have tried so far it is on my keepers list.
This one is apparently the go to browser whenever a user starts to get scary about the evils out there in Cyberlund. I have tried it several times and each time I reach the same condition and conclusion. Opera is no longer being supported by its developers. If you require the security blanket of system and security updates you may as well look some place else. Also I find Opera reminds me of the dark days of IE and Windows 95. Why? I cannot tell you for sure. It's like driving into a new town and seeing streets and buildings just like the streets and buildings you have seen someplace before. Also I find that in a short time Opera starts to hiccup and stagger. It won't load a page completely or it will eventually just blink out and require re-opening. It has reached the level of tried it got rid of it and will not be looking back.
I thought this was going to be The One. It wasn't. One of my first tasks after installation of a new browser is to get into it's Settings or Options. I will determine when or if it will update. I will determine all that little stuff that makes browsing a pleasure or a pain . K-Meleon is like falling into the Way Back Pit. Everything you can imagine can be tweaked in that settings area. I was overcome and eventually totally out of my league. Of course the browser didn't work properly after I was done with it. I think it needs to be on the Possibly A Keeper list. It might have been great except for my dabbling.
Advanced Chrome:
What I downloaded was identified as Not a legitimate 32bit file. That sort of puts any trial on hold as far as I'm concerned.
Comodo IceDragon:
The same as with Advance Chrome, above. Why will a web sites proudly offer a browser for download that "WORKS FOR XP" and then give or sell you something that absolutely will not, can not, work on an XP system? I might check these out again later but they are way on the back burner as far as I'm concerned. If it won't load then it can't play.
Chinese? Snoopy? It put lots of stuff in my system and left lots and lots of stuff behind after its removal tool was finished. I use Revo Uninstaller and that seems to get rid of the trash that some browsers leave, (deliberately?) behind.
The same as Yandex but on steroids. This one left over 1,000, yes that is one thousand, bits of flotsam and jetsam in my system after running it's built in uninstall .
The BIG 2:
I have used both, (Chrome and Firefox), and both have the same problem. Too damn big. Too much stuff going on all the time. Both seem to slow everything down to a crawl and both often conflict with the sandbox I prefer to run them in.
That's about it from this list. I use Iron for my default. I have slimmed it down a bit and it now mostly runs within Sandboxie without problems. I'm still looking and I will find The One but it appears to be a something that isn't going to be easy.

Lenovo 3000, XP Pro, sp3, and more http://speccy.piriform.com/results/sdGpTlSnj7fVu64HllF0X2l

How about You? Got a story to tell or a recommendation to offer? REPLY PLEASE


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The best browser for XP which supports html5 and allows normal viewing of Youtube on the old computer is the Mypal 28.4.1 browser.


Mypal is a good browser.

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I have added a note for Midori: the browser doesn't receive updates since 2015, but it still works on Windows XP.


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Serpent, New Moon and Otter Browser are still updated for Windows XP and not mentioned here yet.

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Why was chromium Browser left out. Some relatively new videos may not operate due to flash player and MKV files, but the rest it is rather capable of displaying better than chrome. Slim jet is alright but since the above browser provides very little obstacles to transit through webpages, I use more of this browser than any other. Obviously the support for the same is no longer available. Yet it appears to be stable except in case of some new video files.



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Perhaps worth mentioning, for anyone willing to battle it out with Mozilla's Firefox; there's a great (!) user.js configuration file, for its about:config settings:

EDIT: It's (mainly) meant as a TOR privacy template, so it does take a lot of editing. :)


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Options for web browsers really are becoming fewer and fewer.


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I have removed Firefox from this list: Mozilla announced in the past that Firefox 52 would have been the last version supporting XP and Vista and Firefox 52.0 ESR reached its end of life date in June 2018.


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There is some new development for midori for linux recently. Windows build is being worked on here: https://github.com/midori-browser/core/issues/209 .


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You forgot 360 browser and Sougou. They can be used on Windows XP. Maxthon is also good.


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Another XP PC here. I couldn´t play Twitter videos in neither Firefox and Chrome (not even open pictures in the latter) and the first browser I am testing from this list is Yandex (I´ve used this company for reverse image search in the past, I guess they are Russians?). I don´t know about security issues yet but it is working like a charm for now; Super light and fast, and it plays absolutely everything I´ve tried, so I am going to try it further than Twitter and see.


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Thanks! If we talk about XP , Vivaldi is pretty good, because it "light" for system


· Jun 2021 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

UC Browser has been abandoned, no longer updated fyi


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Nobody should be using XP for internet access nowadays. Even if you brush aside the security issues, there are the practical things to consider like Flash and other browser add ons not being available to an ancient 32 bit OS. There is only one real reason to still be using XP, and that is to play old (hopefully not online) games that don't work in a newer OS. With tablets and laptops being the norm for a lot of people nowadays, there is a mountain of old desktops knocking around - old but still capable of running Windows 7/Linux (basically bare minimum of dual core CPU and at least 2GB RAM) that can be picked up for virtually peanuts on eBay/Amazon etc. Do get a tech savvy friend to advise you though because there are plenty of unscrupulous dealers charging silly prices and it's quite easy to pick one up for £30 - £50 if you know what you're looking at.


This is bogus and a myth, Oh! please, If an ancient Os operates duly with a supportable web browser to the OS, It is the most successful combination of both with practically little expense. Security issues occur on the latest OS with all those updates if you browse infected areas which can be purged with Anti- Maleware virus and spyware tools.
Nobody must use XP for internet is rather a disappointing and discouraging statement as till date many use them , obviously at our own risk. Kindly refrain from stating such allegations.

+Mikkhntl MAYBE you think XP is rubbish.
I have XP on my old netbook. win7 on Dell and my HP was 'nicely & illegally" updated to win 10 while I was sleeping.

Now maybe XP is crap for you and it would be to many depending on what they do.

As I grew up with PC when they were mainframes and programs were cards.
and we wrote our own formats.
XP is more than enough for what I do on the internet.... I check emails, and do some research..

i dont download songs, movie or 'any other crap in my opinion'
Win 7 I also more than enough for me.... but I prefer the hp keyboard as it has the correct numeric keyboard on side and it is going back to win 7 next week.

It is , in my humble opinion, more crap, with so much stuff I dont need or use that it is slower than snails that come out in the rain....
I prefer to pay for a good security package, than upgrade.

Its is a bit like my STUPID smart phone, and tablet ... more pc than phone, and you dont even have control to remove all those extras you dont want or need.

Just my opinion... but people use xp & win7 for various reasons,,,

so why buy a masserati when a mini will get you from A to B in safety?
Have a great weekend.


I am tech savvy, and I agree with +alz689

One other point people are now thinking about humans as you think about computer, they are old and are not with the times so we should throw them away..

dangerous.... Also very wasteful....

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