My favorite games of all-time

  • Factorio

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    Oh Factorio <3

    I bought this game by chance on Steam because I've seen it among the most selling games for a long time. I'm not really into indie-games with so-so graphics and clunky UIs so i remember i hesitated a bit before buying it.

    But i do not regret this, right now i have spent 607 hours in the this wonderful world of factory building and I will probably spend a few more hundred hours as long as they keep updating the game.

    I have tried to describe why I like this game so much and I think it's much because nothing is hidden. In most management games resources are just numbers and icons and they flow between your buildings without your involvement. In Factorio you have to handle everything by yourself and you can see exactly where your bottlenecks are and you can always fix it. There are no artificial limits or anything, the only thing stopping you is more or less how big of a factory your CPU can handle.


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  • Civilization

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    Easily the game i spent most hours with in my life-time. I still kind of remember when i was a kid and read the review of Civilization I in a local Swedish computer magazine and it got the stunning score of 99%. As soon as i got my hands on that first game i have spent a few hundred hours in each new game in the series, sadly i still haven't played the latest one as much as i would have liked but i guess and hope i will.


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  • Fallout

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    Fallout 2 is by far my favorite in the Fallout series. It was probably the first game i played that featured drugs, prostitutes and a really grim future that was designed for adults. This was extremely fascinating for a teenager.

    I did not spend much time on Fallout 3 and the expansions but Fallout 4 was really fun, even thou it didn't really managed to build up that grim atmosphere as Fallout 2 did. But that's probably because I'm not 18 anymore :)


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  • Half-Life

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    I remember when i first read about Half-Life in PC Gamer, it was just a preview of an upcoming game from a fairly unknown studio called Valve. It was nothing fancy and i actually just remember the article since i read it in hindsight after Half-Life was named "The best game ever" by many people.

    I have never been that into FPS but Half-Life 1 and 2 had something. A story and atmosphere that was more or less unknown at that time when the main focus of all shooters was just graphics and fast-paced action.


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  • X-COM

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    Another awesome game that has been with me almost all my life. The first game in the series called UFO was extremely hard and I do not think I was even close of getting to the end of it. But it will still fun and the turn-based combat really fits my psyche.

    The modern versions of the game is easier but still, when you play on Iron man and your entire squad dies it's really really tough to recover.


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  • TrackMania

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    I love the simplicity of racing game, and nothing is simpler than Trackmania. You just hit the pedal and then try to navigate yourself thru the crazy tracks and try to get the best time possible and beat your online rivals. I do not think any game ever has earned the phrase "Easy to learn, hard to master" more than Trackmania.


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  • Grand Theft Auto

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    It's hard to leave the GTA series out of this list. It's probably the most influential game in the last 20 years or so and its hard to describe the feeling you had the first time you played GTA III and realized that you actually could walk / drive anywhere you liked and do whatever you liked, all in a beautiful 3D environment.

    Actually, the delivery in GTA III was actually a dream come true that was planted in me when i played the more or less forgotten game Hunter as a kid. It was all polygons and i have no idea what the goal in that game actually were. But that feeling of beeing able to go wherever you liked was simply amazing.


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  • The Witcher

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    The most recent game in the Witcher series "Wild Hunt" is simply one of the best RPGs ever made. The story, the graphics and the gameplay is more or less perfect. It's also hard to deny that it's kind of adult style with violence, nudity and a strong / well-written language makes it feels more real that most RPGs.


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  • Starcraft

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    I have always been kind of into RTS games. During the golden era of RTS games with Dune II, Warcraft, Starcraft, Age Of Empires, Command & Conquer and so on I played a lot. But it was with Startcraft II and the e-sport scene that really got me hooked.

    Me and a couple of friends spent a year or so playing Starcraft II almost everyday and watched tournaments online and went to a couple of Dreamhack to see the pros play. Sadly I never got any good at it ;)


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  • SimCity

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    I kind of want to include Small Cities: Skylines iconCities: Skylines in this list but to be honest I spent far more time in the Sim City series even thou Sim City 5 was kind of a disappointment. Sim City 2000 and Sim City 4 still gives me loads of great city building memories.


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  • World of Warcraft

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    I didn't start to play Wow when it arrived ages ago, I actually first played the game during the Cataclysm expansion and played a lot back then. I also had some Wow periods when Mist of Pandaria was released. Blizzard are masters at giving you constant rewards for your efforts but I never really got into hardcore raiding and stuff and i guess i kind lost my motivation because of that.


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  • Monkey Island

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    I have some of my best gaming experience trying to figure out the stupid puzzles in the Monkey Island games. I probably didn't understand half of the humor but in those days you thought it was incredible just to be able to move around.

    I have tried downloading the new versions released for smartphones but well, the magic is gone, at least for me.


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