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Apps with 'Thumbnail maker' feature

  1. Allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files. The utility can be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support.

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    reThumbnail, which is re (re: a prefix that means”again” to indicate repetition) + thumbnail (small image representation to make it easier and faster to look at a video)

  2. Organise your porn collection, both videos and images. Index, thumbnail, tag, categorise and include Studios and Actresses fan art and images. Plugin technology allows you to also search and download from tubesites directly to your collection.

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  3. A supremely flexible and reliable HTTP API that supports professionals and enterprise alike in the programmatic generation of screenshots and PDF documents.

  4. Save & download youtube thumbnail images and picture with size youtube dimensions thumbnail maker grabber viewer template.

  5. Easily download Youtube thumbnail then make thumbnails more prominent with simple tools.

  6. Bazaart® is an award winning photo collage app. It allows you to create masterpieces on the go,and seamlessly work with Adobe Creative Cloud.Bazaart is only available on IOS devices.

  7. Picmaker is an online design solution that helps create stunning YouTube thumbnails, channel art, and IGTV covers. It is a simpler and faster alternative to expensive and complicated design tools that are available today.

  8. Dead simple screenshot as a service API with high quality realtime browser screenshots in seconds using a reliable CDN backed service. Capture is one of the most cost effective and reliable screenshot automation tools.

  9. Thumbnail API provides a very simple API to convert almost any file into an image.

  10. Start using Thumbnail Blaster to create attention-grabbing thumbnails in 3 clicks for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other video platform.