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Apps with 'On-Call Scheduling' feature

  1. Better Uptime calls the right person on your team when your site goes down. Schedule on-call duties, get helpful alerts, and collaborate on solving incidents faster than ever.
  2. Fyipe gives you a beautiful and customizable status page for your online business which helps improve transparency wiht your customers and cuts support costs.

  3. Zenduty is an incident management platform that provides cross-channel (Email, Phone/SMS, Slack) alerts to your team when critical incidents occur and help your team preempt, minimize and resolve downtime to ensure that your customers stay happy.
  4. LiveCall helps you call back your leads in 25 seconds and increase number of sales calls by 60% . Experience the easiest way to help solve issues, understand your customers and boost sales.
  5. xMatters is an actionable IT alerting platform that relays data between systems while engaging the right people to resolve incidents faster.
  6. SIGNL4 is a mobile alerting service. It provides persistent, traceable mobile notifications and reliably routes critical alerts, incidents and events to staff on duty. It directly links operations teams with critical IT, OT and IoT systems.
  7. Spotfone delivers telephone VoIP integration with Zoho, an all-inclusive cloud phone system containing conference room, unified voice, fax, text, and audio conferencing integrated in Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk.
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  8. Alerts and On-Call Schedule Management for your infrastructure spread across different datacenters and providers. Manage system alerts among multiple teams with escalation schedules.
  9. Everbridge is the leading unified critical communications platform trusted by corporations and communities of all sizes that need to reach the right people for immediate action, collaboration, and decision-making.
  10. sendQuick onCloud is a systems availability monitoring and notification management platform for the cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services, and networks and flags up issues to your staff on duty.
  11. Squid Alerts allows your team to manage their on-call schedule and setup escalation chains to forward your alerts to the right person through SMS, voice, email, and push notifications.
  12. Cyphon eliminates the headaches of incident management by streamlining a multitude of related tasks through a single platform.