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Apps with 'Arabic Support' feature

  1. LibreOffice icon

    LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite that is compatible with other major office suites, and is available on all operating systems. It is an independently-developed version of the suite.

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    1.  Ad-freeLibreOffice doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
    2.  Works OfflineLibreOffice can be used without the need to connect to the internet.
    3.  Extensible by Plugins/ExtensionsLibreOffice can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.
    4.  Spell CheckingLibreOffice can detect and correct all types of grammar and spelling mistakes.
    5.  PortableLibreOffice can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.
    LibreOffice Writer on Linux
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  2. Yamli Arabic Keyboard and Search icon
    • FreeProprietary
    • Online
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Chrome OS
    • iPad
    • Google Chrome
    • Chromium
    • Firefox
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    Yamli provides a search and keyboard for Arabic users.

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