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The potential for the human mind to learn is astounding, with the unfettered access to knowledge that the Internet provides serving as a potential field for some of tomorrow’s greatest minds to grow. Sites and services such as Khan Academy and Udemy allow more avenues for concentrated learning of a multitude of subjects than ever before.

  1. The simplest way for Companies, Educational Institutions and Professional Associations to offer online classes and training sessions. With a simple click you can have your own training center on the Internet.
  2. JoomLMS - it's a Joomla Learning Management System for the individuals who are looking for shrink-wrap eLearning solution.

  3. The Fronter learning platform has a wide range of integrations and tools to encourage personalized and technology-driven education, whether you want to flip the classroom or implement project-based learning.??
  4. With GZ E-Learning Software you can easy manage students, training materials, groups, course, sessions and more. Priority over all other e learning platforms is that GZ E-Learning Platform is 100% Open Source, highly customizable and self hosted.
  5. Of the major LMSs, ExpertusONE offers the broadest learning management advancements with natively built mobile, gamification, Salesforce integration, meetings, social collaboration, reporting, eCommerce, xAPI/LRS and more.
  6. Studifi is an online teaching and collaboration platform.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Eurekly is a community of learners, teachers, and those passionate about improving the world around them by improving themselves.
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  7. ONLEDU is a powerful e-learning search engine. In other words, here you can easily find, filter and compare the best digital education products around.
  8. Using Qustn: You should be able to train anyone, using any device, on any topic, from anyplace for the cost of a Starbucks coffee or lower.


    Acquired by PeopleStrong Alt

  9. RoboGarden is an e-learning game that enables students from grade 1 through 9 to learn how to code using the 'Visual Blocky System'. It also assists teacher, who are not familiar with coding, to teach coding to their students!.
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    NEO is a world-class, award-winning learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities. The platform is known for delivering a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support effective teaching and learning.
  10. Customer Training Made Simple.
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  11. VClassrooming is for university, college, school and any institution that drives Learning.
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  12. The BrainCert platform is a comprehensive set of educational tools that allows users to create and deliver personalized e-learning content online easily!
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    • Online
    At, we pack the useful information you need to know into about an hour. Unlike day or week-long training courses, you can pause, replay, or watch again at your leisure.
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