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  1. Make slides with Markdown easily. Fusuma is a helper which makes slides using MarkDown easily. FEATURES - makes cool slides by WebSlides - supports development, production and deploy tasks - you don't have to write webpack, Babel, Postcss settings, and etc...

  2. Slide Show (S9) is a free command line tool that lets you build slide shows from your notes written in plain text with markdown formatting conventions.
  3. Hi!! I'm Jaga. I have been working on for the past few months. It is a browser based animation tool. Here is the URL: .
  4. Generate reproducible HTML5 slides from R markdown.
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  5. MarkDeck provides an easy, text-only way to create cool slide decks that are offline and collaboration ready. FEATURES - converts markdown to a clean html5 slide deck - cool looking: based on battle-proven web frameworks, like reveal.
  6. How to create impactful presentations ? DS Studio is a web application that allows everyone to use interactive charts as easily as fixed charts. Interactivity makes your charts more powerful and helps to limit the cognitive overload of your slides.
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  7. Command-line tool for making HTML presentations with Remark.js using Markdown.
  8. Paste is where your ideas come together. From strategy decks to design proposals, Paste automatically formats screenshots, videos, and links as beautiful presentations ready to share with a simple link. It's the visual workspace for today’s agile teams.
  9. Edit video as easily as editing text! Compared to traditional editing tools, Video Puppet makes it much easier to experiment. Simply edit a text file to reorder scenes. Change captions and narration, then create a new video with a single click.
  10. p_slides lets you create semantic, nice-looking slides - without any dependencies.
  11. Convert Markdown into presentation-friendly HTML.