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Language learning has never been more accessible with the advent of dedicate language learning software, sites, and services. From commercial suites such as the well known Rosetta Stone, to sites dedicated to language learning that exploded in popularity like Duolingo and Memrise, there are more options to ease your way into the world of learning a new language than ever before!

  1. Très Bien French is the ultimate web app for learning French with audio lessons, games, and an active questions and answers forum!
  2. Learn A Language with Rocket Languages! If you want to learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, American Sign Language or German fluently in the shortest possible time then check out our free 6 Day Courses and our Premium multimedia Learn A Language packs!
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  3. 60 languages. 3 million lessons. Welcome to the world's largest language-learning service!
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  4. Qué Onda Spanish is the ultimate web app for learning Spanish with audio lessons, games, and an active questions and answers forum!
  5. Wie Geht's German is the ultimate web app for learning German with audio lessons, games, and an active questions and answers forum!
  6. Upmind is the first smart gaming app that lets you learn foreign words fast and easy. Funny pics, enthralling tests and even live examples from Twitter. Learn while playing! 1. Just 10 minutes a day and in a year you know more words than an average native speaker.
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  7. LinguaLift provides guidance to thousands of busy language learners through a course structured so that you always know what to do next.
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    • Online currently has a Japanese and a Turkish course teaching grammar and vocabulary. It uses a new type of Spaced Repetition System that is based on interference instead of time. You can chat and video chat with other language learners.
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  8. Transparent Language Word of the Day provides language learners with a new word and sample sentence each day.
  9. Improve and expand your vocabulary by reading, watching movies (Netflix) and listening with transcripts daily news (NPR).
  10. Since 2014, Barden helps you find real-life language exchange partners in 15 countries speaking 7000+ languages for free. Available on iOS, android, web, facebook groups, meetups.
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  11. AmazingTalker is a global language learning platform which puts the emphasis on one on one tutoring. Learn over 30 languages from qualified teachers from around the world. With over 200 teachers and 23,000 active users, AmazingTalker is perfect for your language learning needs.
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    NihongoUp is the best integrated learning solution for a learner of Japanese. Learn, review, and practice Japanese in one easy to use package, online or on the go.


    The apps and the official website are no longer available. In 2011, the content of NihongoUp community was ported to Lingualift

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  12. Spanish learning game that teaches conversational Spanish in a fun way.
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  13. Learn Turkish Easily.
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