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      A waste of time and money. I purchased the membership to use all the features. Extremely frustrating to use. In essence, it's a complicated word processor with the capabilities of an old-school myspace page. It's archaic in design, execution, and productivity. To make things worse, the customer service was subpar. You've been warned.
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      19 days ago
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      Aside from a generally ugly layout in it's editing features that were a bit tricky for myself, as a neurodivergent person, to read, I struggled a lot figuring out the UI. I couldn't manage to find how to edit character pages (specifically, character pages for the Deities in the story), and after thirty minutes of struggling and thinking I _finally_ found what I was looking for, I was sent to a page to pay for their premium features. This either meant the link was incorrect, or editing character pages was a _premium feature._ In a tool intended for developing worlds. Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated, and wouldn't recommend World Anvil for many people.
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      4 months ago
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      5 months ago