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  • POX added WinSetupFromUSB as alternative(s) to TINU
    3 months ago
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    Stokpan reviewed WinSetupFromUSB
    Works with many unusual PC boot scenarios, old and new. The workarounds included are not to be found in any other similar utility. Highly recommended.
    4 months ago
  • Weltall reviewed WinSetupFromUSB
    Ok first of all, I am giving it 5 stars for a very specific reason. Unlike all the other alternatives, this actually worked on the quite old Intel T3100 I have been trying for days to make it work with a multiboot usb creator. -Edit- I wanted to point out something I found out. The reason WinSetupFromUSB seems to not have had a problem, is because it is probably not based on grub2, like Ventoy. The old PC's BIOS was probably getting stuck because it could not recognize grub2. In the end I did remedy that, firstly by disabling in BIOS the detection of USB Mass Storage devices and then by using through a CD with Plop Boot Manager, which let me use Ventoy. Nonetheless, my point for WInSetupFrom USB still stands, as it is a Multiboot USB creator that can boot even in such rare cases. -End of Edit- I personally love Ventoy, as it feels like the easiest and simplest solution for multiusb creation, plus it has worked on every machine.. except this one. I kept trying to check every multiusb solution, mostly cause it felt there must be a specific reason Rufus could make a bootable USB for this old PC, but no multiboot usb creator. This is the second last in the list that I was going to try and I was mostly ignoring it cause it is called WinSetupFromUSB, while I wanted to make a mixed Win/Linux one. Kudos to this software for finally letting me do what I wanted =D
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    4 months ago