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Good program - but discontinued? Non-existent support

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I have been a user of WhereIsIt for serveral years now. The program is robust and generally versatile. However, when a disk crashes and you want to merge a backup disk into the catalogue (with metadata entries etc) you run into problems since WhereIsIt only recognizes the disk it once catalogued. Maybe there is a way around this problem but I certainly haven't found it.

Also, the development of the program seems discountinued. The last version dates back to February 2014 (this review is written 25 May 2016). When you try to check for new versions from within WhereIsIt you get an error message.

As for support, it is quite non-existent. I have written to the developer, Robert Galle, on a couple of occasions careful to provide the information he explicitly asks for. As I am, among other things, a professional software tester I understand why he wants information in a certain format and I both describe the problems I encounter in text and with graphics/screen shots. One prerequisite for getting support or time limited "premium support" (???!?) is being a registered user which I am.

The first time I contacted Robert Galle, the answer was monosyllabic. The second and third time I came up with enhancement suggestions; a rating system and a couple of other things - all well described. No reaction at all.

When I encountered the problem I described above, my tone was still kind and appreciative. As usual I described the problem thoroughly. No reaction from Robert Galle. Kind reminder from me. No reply. A more urging request from me. Still no reply from Galle. Now I'm pissed (which I have also written to him).

The end of the story is that I do not expect any reply from Galle. I switched over to WinCatalog2016, registered the program and imported the catalogue from WhereIsIt without any problems at all. I discovered one bug in WinCatalog2016, contacted the programmer and the bug was confirmed and promptly solved in a very positive way.

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If you want great customer service, avoid Robert Galle like the plague.

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The other day I decided that I needed a little more from a Disk Catalog program than Gentibus CD could offer me. I narrowed it down to two commercial offerings that seemed to fit the bill: abeMeda and WhereIsIt? Although WhereIsIt? isn't as professional looking as abeMeda, and in some cases more cluttered and more difficult to navigate than abeMeda, it seemed to do everything that I needed it to do and appears to be a capable full-featured program. The deciding factor for me was that WhereIsIt? has free lifetime updates so I deleted abeMeda and immediately licensed WhereIsIt?

The Ordering Process

The ordering process was very difficult, requiring me to have to contact Robert Galle to find out what my options were. In order to place an order for just the license key requires you to have a compatible e-mail address. You may not use any "freemail" e-mail addresses like Gmail for instance. I also couldn't use my regular e-mail from Comcast either because the order page didn't like it. It said to use another e-mail address or to pay even more money and then wait for weeks to get a physical disk. In contacting the developer about this dilemma, he confirmed that I could use my wife's work e-mail to get the license file. I received the receipt but never got the license information that I needed. There were also features that wouldn't work without being licensed. The next day I wrote the developer and his responses to me were unbelievable.

The following is my correspondence with WhereIsIt? developer Robert Galle. These are his replies to each e-mail where he quote my comments and then replies. I post this to spare any others from such a negative support experience. This is what I can do as an end user to make sure that he doesn't profit from mistreating his customers.

Me: I went ahead and placed my order. Shortly after doing so, WhereIsIt started doing something weird. It no longer loads my catalog on start. Autoloading catalogs is only available when a license file is in place, and software is running as registered. Otherwise, those options are disabled.

If you aren't the right person to ask, then can you please give me the e-mail address to tech support?

Robert's reply: Support email address is clearly documented and published.

Robert Galle

Me: Thanks for letting me know about the solution to the catalogs autoloading problem. I am still waiting on my license information to arrive. When should I expect to receive that?

Robert's reply: The license was issued and sent together with the email you have quoted, to
the email address stated on your order for delivery. You may want to check

Me: I appreciate that somewhere you have clearly documented and published
the support e-mail address, but you failed to include in your reply where or what that is exactly, leaving me to go figure it out for myself.

Robert's reply: A certain level of competence and functional literacy is expected of my
users. All contact email addresses are included in several different
locations, all of them standard ones and where one would go looking for such
information. For your convinience, here is a short and incomplete list of
some of them:

  • The main documentation source is always the help file. The last item of
    the main index is titled "Contact information". Support email address is

  • In the program itself, In the "About WhereIsIt?" dialog box, accessible
    right from the main window's toolbar, contact information is available.
    Support email address is listed. Clicking listed address actually opens an
    email for registered users, correctly addressed.

  • Program's web site, http://www.whereisit-soft.com , has all contact
    information, by clicking "Support" and Contacts. Support email address is

  • Readme.txt file, included with the program, and containing basic
    information about the product, including contact information. Support email
    address is listed.

There are at least five more locations with this information. If any of this
requires "figuring out", there may be bigger issues at hand.

Robert Galle

Me: I have not received anything at the e-mail address. It has been checked hourly since yesterday when I placed the order. I am not incompetent. I am literate. I have not yet received the license yet and you are one of the worst people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my life. Please immediately refund my order. I want absolutely nothing to do with you or your product and if you don't issue me a refund I will refute the charge on my credit card.

Robert's reply: Technically, you have no ground to request a refund once the license has
been issued. Forcing a refund would be a direct fraud, and would be treated
as such, you are not the first to come out with the idea, nor would you be
the first to have to answer for it. However, since the feeling is quite
mutual, I'm more than happy to comply. As for the (in)competence, I choose
not to take just your word for it, given the evidence to the contrary.
Spending 15 years of my life developing something and ending up with such
users makes me sick.

Order is canceled, issued license is blacklisted as fraudulent and will be
treated as such. Remove this product immediately, including that fake
license you have been using.

Robert Galle

Well there you have it. If you would like to have someone berate you for not being able to find his "clearly documented" information on his site, if you would like to be accused of being an incompetent, illiterate, pirating end user, then look no further than dealing with this guy and his software. Buyer beware. I am going with abeMeda.

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I've been dealing with this idiot as well , telling him about a bug in his program, and he was very insulting as well. No wonder nobody wanted to deal with him anymore and his app was let down. Now I use Wincatalog and its developer is great, very helpful and friendly.

Shareware - NOT free

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A license is needed after 14 days to be legal

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the best for cataloging media

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A must have for all my movies in several hard drives not always connected


It's the best !

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Is the best, is really for doing a catalogue of CDs and DVDs , and I recommend it to all !!!