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    • xahkyen reviewed Whatpulse
      WhatPulse allows us to track the activity of our devices, be it the count of keys and clicks pressed, the bandwidth and the time of our frequently used apps. The great attraction is being able to participate collectively with a public profile, following other users, joining a team or competing by country. The option to make our profile public is optional, but it is certainly still a great option. Without a doubt, it's a great way to do community tracking, and since it has existed for more than a decade, I just wish I had known about it sooner.
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      3 months ago
    • xahkyen liked Whatpulse
      3 months ago
    • mane Upvoted a comment on Whatpulse
      Do NOT use this app. They don't deserve people's time and money until they get their sh*t together, here's why: This team is the most disgustingly incompetent bunch of programmer's that have ever had the audacity to ask for money for their pile of cr*p code. TWICE in one year I have had a "critical database error" requiring a full wipe. Oh that's fine, WhatPulse had auto bac- WRONG. Backup database fails along with the main. Oh but isn't an online service, so all your data will b- NOPE. Online version doesn't include basically everything, because storing a few extra MBs from paying customers is obviously too much to ask. In fact, it wouldn't be asked at all if they knew how to make a functional backup. Aside from the overwhelming instability of the app, it really isn't very good at what it claims. I can time my usage of an app, for example, and it will be nowhere near what WhatPulse claims. It just can't be trusted and it's reputation is beyond redeemable. I suggest you stay far, far away unless you enjoy making yourself angry.
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      11 months ago