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    Do NOT use this app. They don't deserve people's time and money until they get their sh*t together, here's why: This team is the most disgustingly incompetent bunch of programmer's that have ever had the audacity to ask for money for their pile of cr*p code. TWICE in one year I have had a "critical database error" requiring a full wipe. Oh that's fine, WhatPulse had auto bac- WRONG. Backup database fails along with the main. Oh but isn't an online service, so all your data will b- NOPE. Online version doesn't include basically everything, because storing a few extra MBs from paying customers is obviously too much to ask. In fact, it wouldn't be asked at all if they knew how to make a functional backup. Aside from the overwhelming instability of the app, it really isn't very good at what it claims. I can time my usage of an app, for example, and it will be nowhere near what WhatPulse claims. It just can't be trusted and it's reputation is beyond redeemable. I suggest you stay far, far away unless you enjoy making yourself angry.
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    2 months ago
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