Alternatives to Vysor for Windows with any license

  • scrcpy

    This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB and WiFi. It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and...

    • Cleaner interface, smoother user experience, open source, offers for free what Vysor offers for money (including wifi connection), no ads, not a Chrome extension cigabApr 2018 • 9 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • its extremely simple to use, though it relies more on keyboard shortcuts than vysor. Guest • Jul 2018 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Free open source software , Clean , No ads , can´t recommend enough Guest • Aug 2018 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • It's free and works perfectly as if it had been a professional app! jorgenhallAug 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Lightweight and portable. Less user-intuitive than Vysor (many features are only available via command-line), but better experience. Guest • Sep 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Perfect app! Very fast e simple, it connects to phone in a very short time and the resolution is very high! Thanks to developers Guest • Oct 2018 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Much cleaner and nagfree then vysor. Guest • Sep 2018 Disagree   Agree

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  • Androidscreencast

    Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any Android device. Features Mouse and keyboard...

    • It is free and open-source. Vysor is extremely shady tiered payware/nagware, with its only "support" options being a well-hidden, very nearly anonymous developer's google+ account, which is full of unanswered questions. Further, one can see the vysor developer, or his sockpuppets, commenting on competing software on this site, spamvertising it. Guest • Jan 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • vysor is used to control your phone through the desktop, androidscreencast, just streams the screen of your phone Guest • Oct 2017 • 3 agrees and 4 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • Pocket Controller

    Pocket Controller is an application for Windows which allows you to control your Android, Blackberry or Pocket PC device from your desktop. Increased Productivity ...

    Commercial Windows Windows Mobile Android Blackberry

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  • MyMobiler

    The MyMobiler desktop application controls your Android device through USB connection or WiFi. It allows you to see your mobile device remotely and capture the screen or...

    • Discontinued The app has no more

    Free Windows Windows Mobile Android

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  • ActiveSync Remote Display

    Display Pocket PC applications on your desktop or laptop without needing any device side configuration. Include into the Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys. The...

    • Discontinued No longer available at official link.

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