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I recommend Von, very helpful

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I used to like Bluehost, but they are awful now. Their staff was not helpful, but with Von, it is a whole new ballgame. I spent ten minutes on the phone with Zach and was able to reach support, solve my problem and move on with my day. My decision to transfer away from Bluehost was good and I'm glad it was smooth. Pricing is a tad more expensive but it just makes sense...

So far so great!


Such kind words, thank you.

Von helped me get started online.

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My experience is very positive. Matt was courteous, knowledgeable plus professional. I wanted to get my business online, because facebook was not enough. He made some recommendations and I listened, and am very happy I did. I now have professional email address, fast website plus someone I can call on when I need help. He picked up my phone call right away.

I would not hesitate to use Von services again. I've since referred a few of my friends too.


I'm grateful for kindness - thanks for sharing.

^ _ ^

Consistent customer support.

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Their team offered a free transfer, having my company website moved away from Squarespace was fast and easy. Support has been very friendly and helpful too. It was painless, setting up about 50 email accounts, all I had to do was ask them. I asked Matt if the support team was based in USA and he said it's 100% USA based support from South Jersey. I really like that.

Bottom line, Von has been trouble-free so far and I believe it's only going to get better. I'm saving money too, Von has better pricing than Squarespace.


Brothaman Donald! Thanks buddy and have a great one.

von works for me

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i don't understand why so many other hosting companies have problenms. my site has been hosted with von for almost 6 months and they have been fast and helpful. definitely an excellent host and i don't see anything wrong...the live chat is awesome too, i've only used it and Zach was helpful, he set me up with an SSL on my domain within a minute.

great company!


Yeaa, Zach is great - very helpful!

Von is just there when I need help

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What I like most about Von is that they are there when I need help. I had a problem setting up FTP, so I just clicked on the help icon thingy and was able to get exactly what I needed. It was really nice, being able to use the downloaded import file too, just one click and Filezilla was ready to go. It's been one year now, and I'm happy with my hosting. I recommend Von for webhosting, you too will like them.

Happy days from South Carolina!


Thank you thank you. I'm glad Vondelphia is able to help.


Great company to work with! Especially for the money...

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I wouldn't say Von is the cheapest, but they offer more for the price. Matt transfered my site very quickly away from Dreamhost, I'm saving money and I was given another year added to my domain registration. I thought dreamhost was reliable but not fast, that was my complaint.... but not with von.

Very affordable hosting service and my word press website is much faster. Matt used this tool call GT Metrix and told me that he would hook me up if I transferred, so I did and he was not kidding!


Thanks Sylv, I appreciate the positive feedback.

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I think Vondelphia is good because pricing is fair. Everything was very smooth when I purchased hosting and the one question I had was answered with a video tutorial.

I like Vondelphia, I think you will too.


Thanks for the review buddy - GLHF.

Just a satisfied customer

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I searched for hosting that really provides what it promises, and I gotta say Yes to Von. The shared hosting is fast, I really like the pricing too. The price of the service is very very positive. My websites are without a problem, no downtime .... support is always friendly, fast and patient too.

More I already do not have to write, try their services, and you will see that I am right.

Thanks Von!

p.s. - I was offered a 15% account credit to post this review, but I was going to leave one anyway... lol


Thank you very much and good luck!

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I too used to have Bluehost but switched to GoDaddy. Both of those guys are nightmares and I'm glad I found Vondelphia. My buddy sent me one of those affiliate links so I think he even made a couple bucks but I like the service to far... very good!

I just opened a ticket for migration and all my email, filters and 3 websites were transferred. It was a good idea too because they are now SSL green padlocked thingy too... free!

A+ for vondelphia...


Ooo heck yea, thank you very much for kind words!