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    Voicemod is a Real Time Voice Changer for Discord, Skype, Twitch... with tons of awesome voices and effects. Made for Gamers & Streamers.

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    • Gu
      Guest reviewed Voicemod
      There doesn't seem like much point in the free option. I would be happy to pay for pro, but that process is bad enough that I will not be giving Voicemod any money. For starters, pricing information is only available after installing the software. I cannot stress how shady this appears. Nevertheless, I decided to install and check out the pricing anyway. This is where the misleading begins. Technically, the page does CLAIM that the lifetime license is 37.99 USD, which indeed it is. However, the structure of the page makes it easy for me - living in NZ - to read it as 37.99 NZD (37.99 USD = ~57.15 NZD). And indeed, I would not have noticed the issue if it weren't for my habit of double-checking prices when I get to the billing page. Here's how it works. You get presented with a "choose your plan" page. The first option on this page is "Quarterly Plan", which is a subscription paid every 3 months. The big number next to that reads "6 NZD / mo". It is then reasonable to assume that the prices on the rest of the page are in NZD, so my mind begins filling in the blanks. The third option is "Lifetime License". Great, a one-off payment - I want that one! And there's bright purple boxes claiming it's 35% off! It lists the original price in small crossed-out numbers as 60 NZD, and in big numbers it gives 37.99 USD. However, as previously established, this was far too easy for me to read as ~38 NZD, which is basically the same as 60 NZD. All this is ignoring the second option on the list, which for reasons I cannot fathom is listed in AED (UAE Dirham). I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. But I can only come up with two explanations for what I see - either enough staggering incompetence that I cannot trust the software at all, or active malice and an intentional attempt to deceive people into paying much more than they expect. I cannot recommend this software to anyone.
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      3 months ago
    • Ja
      Jan1902 added Soundboard as a feature to Voicemod
      4 months ago
    • Jan1902 added Voicemod as alternative(s) to Podcast Soundboard
      4 months ago