Vespucci is the first OpenStreetMap editor for Android. That means: It is a light-weight, easy-to-use mapping tool on mobile Android devices.

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    • k4pl4n added Vespucci as alternative(s) to Osm Contributor
      3 months ago
    • mrmbl thinks Osm Go! is an alternative to Vespucci
      Osm Go! can do far less advances things than Vespucci, but is much easier to use. I'd recommend Osm Go to get started with simple mapping tasks quickly, and Vespucci if you really want to dive into all aspects of editing on your phone and can invest some time and nerves to learn its use.
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      4 months ago
    • mrmbl agreed on a comment on StreetComplete as an alternative to Vespucci
      StreetComplete seems to me much more user-friendly, simple and easy to, in the end, get the same thing done: contributing to osm. They are different in the way Vespucci grants you complete editing control, and StreetComplete is more like a improvement assistant to mostly, complete or verify the info other users previously contributed, but both seem pretty useful for me.
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      4 months ago