A very minimal GUI app that can write compressed disk images to USB drives.

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      Grimslade reviewed USBImager
      - Great alternative for Win32DiskImager :) I was trying to make a full backup of a bootable Linux SD Card containing multiple partitions, on Windows. All the recommendations I could referred to Win32DiskImager, but it's quite old software as of now and wouldn't start on my Windows 10 Pro (2021) build. USBImager did the job fine, and apparently works on pretty much every OS.. and! backed up the SD Card in the more fitting .dd file format. I'm so sick of getting hounded to pay for the simpliest of software, another site just advertised some program in place of actually providing an alternative to the already free but dated software. Finding this made me so happy, I made and account to give it a big ol' HEART, and leave this review. Thank you to the creators for producing this minimalistic software for a task that should be considered simple, for free. You absolute bloody legends.
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      about 2 months ago
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