Founded in 2014, Unicheck is a global Brand that provides Smart Plagiarism Detection Service.

Unicheck has the office in Cyprus.

Unicheck targets both Schools and individual customers.

Unicheck is funded by private European investor and consists of Unicheck engine (the system core) and System (interface).
Unicheck brand presently unites over 50 people from various corners of the world involved in research, engineering, system development, design, marketing, sales and promotions.

Core markets: USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America

The product is now available in English, Spanish, German, French, Ukrainian.

Supported languages (can find plagiarism on): English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Norwegian, Russian, and Ukrainian.



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Official Website    Facebook    Twitter    GitHub


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So fine and so handy. It's what I really need to work with citations and references.

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