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Ungoogled Chromium Features

  1.  Privacy focused
  2.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  3.  No Tracking
  4.  Ad-free
  5.  Dark Mode
  6.  Portable
  7.  Support for Themes
  8.  No registration required
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Mahdy Abdelmotaleb
Top positive commentDec 25, 2020

Privacy-wise, this is one of the best browser options out there. The addon installation process is explained in detail on its official site . The project's philosophy is remarkable in its honesty - they do not monetize your privacy concerns like some other projects out there. Ungoogled Chromium doesn't send unsolicited request anywhere and indeed does disable all of Google's spyware. The browser is frequently updated too.

Of course, being de-googled it requires the user to do some things manually. But this is a very small price to pay for not submitting to Google botnet. Absolutely worth it. Usage with privacy enhancing add-ons such as uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere and Decentraleyes is highly recommended.

One thing to note - it still does suffer from Google's terrible "design" decisions, so there's still that clinically sterile, eye bleeding white material/flat interface by default with poorly organized, crammed menus.

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Top positive commentNov 8, 2022

All these people complaining in the comments simply do not understand how Chromium works. It does have extensions and automatic updates. You just have to set them up yourselves because Big Brother Google cannot help you here. Please, learn to read the documentation without posting a comment here. Ungoogled Chromium does have its limitations but you can perfectly use extensions.

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Top negative commentOct 10, 2022

Ungoogled Chromium substantially weakens Chromium security for questionable privacy benefits by disabling automatic updates, safebrowsing, CRLsets (which is necessary for certificate revocation) among other things, and because it's a fork of Chromium, it will always be at least few days behind Google Chrome in updates. Ungoogled Chromium only focuses on disabling Google connections adds nothing which can't be enabled on vanilla Chromium.

Most people should use Google Chrome instead. You can disable telemetry in chrome://settings and monitor connections using tools like Wireshark to ensure that all telemetry is disabled.

Source: https://qua3k.github.io/

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I don’t agree. Google Chrome is proprietary software and you cannot disable telemetry while using Chrome because the spyware is built-in. Ungoogled Chromium is not for everyone either, but it is definitely better for a small subset of users. For others, however, Brave is the best option. Recommending Chrome is simply unreasonable.

Reply written Nov 8, 2022

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Positive commentDec 31, 2023

Everything excellent, Just One con that Automatic updates of the browser are not there, We have to manually download them, I mean I do know that due to being privacy-focused, It is not giving them directly but at least there should be an opting method where we can select if we want to receive updates or not.

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Eliab Bautista
Positive commentDec 30, 2023

So far a really good alternative to the beast of google, it requires a little bit of manual installation for extentions but when you are in is running smooth.

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Positive commentOct 13, 2023

The best way to use a Chromium-based web browser! I've been using Firefox as my main web browser for years, and I don't plan on switching to anything else, but sometimes, I need a Chromium-based browser to test some things, and Ungoogled Chromium is the best one out there.

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ReviewNov 10, 2022
• Edited Nov 11, 2022

I seemed to have to uninstall Chromium to install Ungoogled Chromium.. tough to tell because they look alike, but you can see the difference in the Ungoogled Chromium Opening Page which shows the version. You can reach Chrome Store extensions via Google Search, but you don't see the big green Install Button, even if you sign into your Google account. I like the concept, but Ungoogled Chromium continues to be difficult to manuver since even struggling to install. I even have to type out the suffix for sites like .com aside from wondering how I can load a good adblocker. I'd like this if the author supplied more work-arounds.

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