Ungoogled Chromium

    A Google Chromium variant for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency

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      Privacy-wise, this is one of the [best](https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/ungoogled_chromium.html) browser options out there. The addon installation process is explained in detail [on its official site](https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-wiki/faq#can-i-install-extensions-or-themes-from-the-chrome-webstore) . The project's philosophy is remarkable in its honesty - they do not monetize your privacy concerns like some other projects out there. Ungoogled Chromium doesn't send unsolicited request anywhere and indeed does disable all of Google's spyware. The browser is frequently updated too. Of course, being de-googled it requires the user to do some things manually. But this is a very small price to pay for not submitting to Google botnet. Absolutely worth it. Usage with privacy enhancing add-ons such as uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere and Decentraleyes is highly recommended. One thing to note - it still does suffer from Google's terrible "design" decisions, so there's still that clinically sterile, eye bleeding white material/flat interface by default with poorly organized, crammed menus.
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