Torrentz Facts
- is a clone, copycat of the site
- Torrentz is a meta-search engine (aggregator) and a Multisearch. This means we just search other search engines.
- Torrentz is a very powerful internet location search tool.
- Torrentz is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker nor a torrent directory.
- Torrentz does not host or "make available" any files or torrents in any way, shape or form.
- Torrentz links to other independent search engines that might host torrent files. We have absolutely no control over those domains.
- Indexing process is completely automated. We don't check it. Whatever the stupid bots suck in goes. The good, the bad and the ugly.
- Torrent files are simply metadata and cannot be copyrighted.
We don't host torrents, we don't even save torrents for ourselves after the filename and size extraction.
- Torrentz is similar to Google.



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the ability to find what you are looking and providing you with multiple sites to download from ,amazing.

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