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Kelson V
Top positive commentAug 8, 2023

This is an RPG, the kind where you choose different attributes and skills and level them up as you go, collect items to use in exploration or combat, build up a crew and so on. It’s not a spaceflight sim. The quests sometimes involve combat, sometimes problem solving, sometimes diplomacy. Often there are several ways to solve them, and you have to choose one.

And sometimes those choices are hard: The mainline quest in the starting town involves choosing one of two communities to cut power from so you can take the last part you need to get your ship flying again. And by the time you get to it, you’ve talked to enough people in each that whatever your take on the town leadership, it’s clear that the ordinary people are going to suffer one way or another. If you want to keep playing the game, you have to pick the least-bad option, and the best you can do from there is reduce the harm.

Sometimes the satire is funny, but sometimes it’s just depressing to talk to characters who have never known anything else.

I’m still relatively early in the game, exploring the first offworld port you can get to. Doing my usual thing where I try to find and complete every side quest before moving onto the next part of the main story. The characters and quests continue to be interesting, and I can imagine some good replayability from choosing different crewmembers to come with you on various quests, choosing different specialties so your main character has different options open to them, solving the quests differently, and seeing what that causes down the line.

Definitely recommended if you like RPGs, space, and stories dealing with morally ambiguous situations.

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