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Great Alternative to Google Sketchup

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This is a great and simple software, which runs flawlessly on Linux. It is just straight forward. the best thing I liked in this software is that you design everything on a 2D plan, and on the spot, the software creates a 3D image, which you can rotate, zoom in and out..etc.
It does not need any time to learn, as the controls are just in the right place.
I got to design 2 rooms in less than 30 minutes after just installing the software. Basic 3D shapes are available on source forge, and the software just points you to the library.
installing on linux is straight forward. just download, unzip, and run the .sh file.

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It's the easiest program I've found (I have no CAD experience). But it's limited, and it's open source (at least in terms of models/plugins/textures) so they're only as good and extensive as what's being made. I haven't found the current iteration buggy at all: in fact, it works surprisingly well for freeware this complex. That said, the developer is very helpful--often on the forums--and there are a lot of really good, short YouTube tutorials etc. available.

So for free and easy (versus Sketchup: $700? but tons of customizations, models, plugins, etc.), this amateur likes it a lot. Working on my garden, tho, and it's pretty limited in terms of exterior items, so that's regrettable.

But if you just want to do a 2D layout of your room to play with furniture arrangement and then possibly look at what it would look like in 3D (and invest a bit more time in doing so), it's the perfect tool.

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it's super easy and user.. even a totally noob like me can create a small masterpiece for my building and its support so many platform that i can work either in my Windows Machine or my Linux Machine.. Moreover, No professional skill required in using this apps..
thanks alot SweetHome3D..


Good Program, posible browser hijack risk

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I found the program to be really easy to use and the pre-made furniture and objects made putting together a floor plan really easy when planning a move to a new apartment.

After installing the program though, I found I had been hit with the Conduit Web Search hijack. I had downloaded a few other things before installing this, so I can't be entirely sure. Still, this was the only one I had installed before noticing the problem.

A few more comments or reviews would be helpful here.

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A fantastic free software, but missing the HW accelerated rendering!


Not really free

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You can get the free version with 95 pieces of furniture or pay to get 1205. Not really free, more like freemium.

a free version available at SourceForge.net that requires to install Java to run and comes with 95 pieces of furniture
a paid version available on the Mac App Store bundled with a private version of Java and 1205 pieces of furniture.


No, actually there are about 400 pieces and 100+ textures you can download immediately (look on the developer's page), and a ton more you can either import individually from different webpages (linked on the webpage), or else take a lot more time to convert free Sketchup models to CAE models to use in the program.

Don't work

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Don't work in Linux Ubuntu Studio 16.04.


Not Open Source

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This program looks awesome, but it is NOT free. It costs $14.99; not a whole lot, but still misleading!


It's wrong, look at the FAQ : " Is Sweet Home 3D free?
Thanks to the services provided by sourceforge.net and eTeks, you can download and use Sweet Home 3D free of charge, for personal or commercial purpose, under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Nevertheless, if you want to reward financially Sweet Home 3D project, you can donate the amount of your choice. Under Windows, you can also buy and download Sweet Home 3D on the Amazon Store, whereas under Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12, you can buy and download it on the Mac App Store."
Source : http://www.sweethome3d.com/faq.jsp