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    • Saxtus Upvoted a comment on Streamable
      I've.. _tried_ to use Streamable for years. It has some odd bandwidth issues, where you'll apparently be being blocked or throttled whenever trying to view clips on the website, even when they're your own. It's a shame because it's a beautiful site, really. You simply upload a clip, it gets processed, you get a link, no questions asked. There's no sign of all the extraneous information you can add when submitting a video to YouTube. Streamable's minimalism is its strongest point. But when the video viewing experience itself is so poor (and judging by reddit I'm certainly not the only one), I'm constantly on the lookout for a solid alternatives. To give you a sense of how much I **want** to be able to use Streamable properly, I've used subdomain scanners to get the hostnames and IPs of alternative CDNs and used NextDNS' URL rewrites and hosts file entries to force Streamable to let me use a different CDN. It worked for a few months.. Streamable's bread and butter is minimalism, and it does well. But the meat and potatoes of the site is still video viewing, and that, it does a particularly poor job. _[Edited by redbeardt, June 21]_
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      16 days ago
    • Moch Upvoted a comment on YouTube as an alternative to Streamable
      Youtube is nothing like streamable. Streamable is a video hosting site that does not require creating an account to upload a video file. Youtube requires an account and has a policy of censorship. This is a terrible comparison.
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      19 days ago
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