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SpaceHunt is a chat-based multiplayer adventure similar to Ogame and StarCraft: build a base and go on missions to explore the universe and attack other planets to gathe...

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What is SpaceHunt Game?

You are a space commander that lands on a planet with your crew. Your mission is to build structures and form an army of starships to defend yourself from other players as well as attack them to steal their resources and grow faster.

Good day Commander! 286 years ago we boarded our Spaceshuttle and set route to  Planet Drom at coordinates 365,549 with excellent habitable conditions: good temperature, stable and breathable atmosphere and rich in resources. During landing we lost control and we  crashed, the Spaceshuttle was irrecoverable. You've been unconscious so far, we thought you wouldn't make it... We've disassembled the Spaceshuttle to reuse materials for building our new home. Our crew has already set up a  Solar Panel and a  Battery. We need to start developing further soon, we are not alone! From now on, we are at your orders sir.

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SpaceHunt Game Features

  1.  Endless gameplaySpaceHunt Game offers at least one game mode that allows you to play indefinitely.
  2.  MultiplayerSpaceHunt Game offers a game mode for more than one player.

SpaceHunt Game information

  • Developed byXavi Esteve
  • LicensingProprietary and Free product.
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Supported Languages

  • English
  • Russian

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A text-based Space Game that's multiplayer and has all the cool features such as alliances, resource-management, espionage, messaging, trading market, etc.

But still, it is easy to use and not as cumbersome as other games where you have so many options that you get lost to do some basic thing.

It is great because in less than a day you can have a nice fleet and start rocking the universe.

Bonus: The Wiki/Documentation is very complete and entertaining to read.

Bonus 2: Not pay to win, yipee!

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