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Flummoxed by popularity

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Do yourself a favor and try MusicBee (Windows) or Guayadeque/Gmusicbrowser (Linux). Songbird is...well...if it's a bird, it doesn't fly and as for doesn't sing.

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Songbird's gotten progressively worse ever since they dropped iPod support. Then Linux support, the web-features that were supposed to sell Songbird, and it isn't getting any slimmer or faster (SLOOOWWW). Had higher hopes for Songbird...but it just fizzled out.

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I don't understand how this media player can be so popular when it lacks support for the most ubiquitous mp3 player in the world, the iPod family of devices. And it seems like every time someone in the community comes out with an iPod plugin, the Songbird devs break it in their next release and introduce support for another obscure crappy media player instead (does anyone here own a Samsung CAM??).

No podcast support, no iPod support, poor handling of tags and general instability and bugginess of main app and plugins are deal-breakers for me.

Sad, because Songbird has some nice features otherwise, like its extensibility and excellent handling of watch folders and file organization.


MusicBee is better

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So many years later, yet still so buggy. MusicBee is so much better.

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Poti deny this being an itunes alternative and as a Mac owner Songbird sucks balls!!!! no device support, resource hog, you need to make playlist of the songs you want to play {you cant just let it go through your music and play the next track?}, it can and has messed up peoples meta data, it's slow, I've waited up to a minute for a song to start playing, no more ipod support {they made the ipod add-on open source but it never seems to get all that much attention, Philips has just come on board and POTI are as always consumed with Windows support over Mac & Linux finding any excuse to not show us any real support for OS X and Linux so it isn't a true cross platform app. they are also more concerned with features like concerts that are on even though you must live in big capital cities new york and the like. they love people who suck up to them but if you point out any short comings in Songbird they can't take it!!!
they don't respond to any Crash reports { I guess unless you are on Windows I don't know}.
I've had constant problems With updating the app and add-ons, I've ended up downloading the latest versions from their website every time and the add-ons seem to become unsupported as fast as they are released.
I think they need to work out if Songbird is a media player or a web browser [ if it's going to be a web browser I can't see it taking on Firefox or even Google Chrome?] they have a lot of good ideas but their attitude and implementation leaves a lot to be desired

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  • Totally lacks podcast support.
  • History of the "roadmap" is that podcast support gets perennially postponed, so don't take seriously any promise that it's coming in the next version.
  • Serious resource hog.
  • Lots of extra un-necessary features (e.g., it's a full-blown web browser, intended as a replacement for Firefox for all your music needs), but no attention to really important features (like podcast subscription).

My recommendation at this point, having followed the project from the start, is to wait at least another year. Right now, it's just not there.