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      [SkedPal]( is a program that automatically optimizes your calendar on demand. It's used by people who put the vast majority of their tasks on their calendar as a scheduling assistant. It reaches into a user's calendar and re-juggles their tasks to achieve an optimal result whenever a particular command is given. Here are some other auto-schedulers. [Timeful]( was a standalone app before it was bought by Google in 2015 and some of its features can be found in Google Goals. It promised machine learning and AI-powered rescheduling. In late 2016, [Todoist]( released a new feature called Smart Schedule which offers similar functionality. By contrast, SkedPal gives the user practical ways to plan a schedule. It asks for information such as a task's priority, duration, start date, due date, project and time map in order to do its calculations. So far, IMHO, it appears to produce more consistent results than the approach taken by Timeful and Todoist, which rely more on factors outside the user's control, such as databases of all users' task history. Programs like [Sheldonize](, [TimeTo]( and [Focuster]( appear to offer capabilities which are more aligned with SkedPal, where the user is given more control over the scheduling of future tasks. I happen to be studying these apps on a Beta site I launched - [Schedule U]( Francis Wade
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