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    Provides a decent amount of functionality users might have come to expect from forum software but suffers from hopelessly archaic design and architecture. Most plugins are obsolete and do not work anymore while theme customization is one giant mess of template files which are choke full of conditional logic and markup riddled with both inline styles and JavaScript. The majority of JS is not even namespaced resulting in a huge number of variables that pollute the global window object. The update and the plugin installation system also both use a form of diff patching which alters the original source files and simply begs for something to go wrong when a conflict between plugins arises. This also means that if something goes wrong during a plugin installation or an update the only available solution is rolling back to an earlier backup. Bottom line is SMF is a decent choice for hobbyists or people that just want to play with their own forum but I wouldn't recommend it for business use because in 2019 there are far better solutions that are not even remotely so archaic and hard to customize like SMF.
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