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    • freshcodeteam added Simple Machines Forum as alternative(s) to Bullentin Board
      3 months ago
    • brezanac Upvoted a comment on Simple Machines Forum
      Used to be great during the golden era of forums. Then it got managed to death during the last decade. Last stable release was six years ago. Customization is wishful thinking due to messy code and awful templates (hard-coded HTML/CSS/JavaScript). Mods are non-existent or heavily out of date with no support from the dead modding community. SMF 2.1 beta has been in development since SMF 2.0 release (2011) but while it fixes one thing with every beta release it also breaks at least two. If you are looking for reliable, up to date, forum software with at least a decent level of support and don't want to commit seppuku every time you want to customize it, look somewhere else.
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      5 months ago
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      8 months ago