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    Recent user activities on shoppy

    • Sellix thinks Sellix is an alternative to shoppy
      2 months ago
    • rentapartment thinks is an alternative to shoppy is the best alternative to I used Shoppy for 3 years and it was fine in the beginning but now development has stopped and I had many issues with payments not processing and crypto payments getting lost. Compared to all other available ones like sellix rocketr atshop and you name it the only one that stands out best is It has a beautiful UI + unique features + extremely fast support. You cannot go wrong with them!
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      3 months ago
    • alpin3allam thinks is an alternative to shoppy
      Also free but alot more features... Shopping cart, better checkout, bulk discount & pay what you want pricing + alot more. Can't go wrong with SellApp!
      3 months ago