Screen share instantly for free using Screenleap. Screenleap makes it really easy to share your computer screen. You can share your screen with as many people as you like with no downloads, account setup, or cost required. Friends, family, and colleagues can view your computer from their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices without having to install anything.

Screenleap, Inc. was founded in October 2011 and is based in Palo Alto, California. We believe in empowering people through intuitive easy-to-use communication tools that gets out of your way. We believe that screen sharing can and should be as easy to use as email and we have a vision for getting there.


Free with limited functionality

Supported Platforms 1 note on Screenleap's platform support

Online Gmail

Platform comments

  • Online “Requires Java”

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Remote desktop Share your screen Wikipedia integration Add a feature


Network & Admin Remote Work & Education


gmail-extension java-based remote-computer-control


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Virus Program detects this as a trojan, probably better not to use.

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