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Easily create engaging HTML5 animations and interactive web content which run perfectly on any browsers and devices without coding skills.

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    I've been looking for a replacement for Tumult Hype since i switched to pc from mac (2 years i guess), and i'm happy to have found an even better alternative at a similar price tag and same proprietary license. More on Saola vs Hype further down * Saola Animate is perfect for making advanced, interactive (!) object based (timeline) animations that can be exported to html5 as well as video, the UI is great and the price reasonable. Saola Animate can be used for lots of things, and if you happen to hit a wall, custom JavaScript functions, CSS and HTML can be added. Though, this shouldn't be needed for most projects. Try the 30 days trial. You can find official tutorials on youtube and an active user forum, where the devs are quick to respond as well. I also like that Saola Animate is from Atomi, a Vietnamese company. It's uplifting to see great software not developed in USA or Europe, China, Japan or Russia. * The main thing i miss from Hype is more keyboard action, though most features (not all) can be assigned a keyboard shortcut in settings (not sure if Hype can do this). Since it's a while ago i've used Hype, there might have been added more features, but the benefits i've seen so far in Saola compared to Hype are these: - more vector drawing options - more actions / ease of use for interactivity - easier control of responsive layouts (including breakpoints) - cool 3d tools with perspective - and a general feeling of being able to accomplish more, not sure if that's true though, or just due to the Hype UI being more minimalistic (can be a benefit, but makes it seem less competent than it actually is, after all). Please comment if i'm wrong about any of this, or if you have more to add to the list
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