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    Sabaki is cross-platform graphical UI for Go/Baduk/Weiqi game board and SGF (Smart Go Format) editor. Free, open source, based on Electron.

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      Sabaki is a graphical game board. To play, you need to add offline opponents (game engines) supporting GTP (Go Text Protocol). Basic instruction to add game engines: []( Two engines on the top of the list are Leela Zero and katago. To play against Leela Zero, you need to download an additional weight file (pre-trained model). There is a fully-trained weight file called best network for Leela-Zero. There are also Elf weight files for Leela Zero ([]( Katago installed with its own configuration file and weight file. Before adding a game engine, take note of the engine path and the weight file path. No need to extract weight file ending with .gz Adding game engine is another challenge. Fill in the engine location (path) and name on the first line. The second line, fill in the arguments and path location of the weight file. Most game engines need arguments, something begins with --gtp However, Pachi game engine needs no arguments. The third line, fill in the time allowed for the game engine to think (time_settings 0 5 1). If you can defeat Leela Zero or katago (I am sure many of you can), you may want to take a look at other game engines at [](
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