Runnaroo is a privacy focused search engine that pulls in relevant search results from the best vertical sources.

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    • b3rs3rk3r added Runnaroo as alternative(s) to Intelligence X
      5 days ago
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      addermc4435 reviewed Runnaroo
      Loved this engine. Right up to the part of the search bar disappearing. The rest of the page still shows but no way to search and I've sent multiple emails to the contact information but still haven't received a response. Been about three months now...
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      13 days ago
    • addermc4435 thinks MetaGer is an alternative to Runnaroo
      MetGer has an app you can download. And, if you contact MetGer,they have responded in a timely fashion. Unlike Runnaroo who Doesn't have an app (at least I haven't found any). Also hasn't responded to over 15 emails in a three month time. Personally Runnaroo search engine isn't someone who has earned my trust as of yet.
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      16 days ago