Free Radmin VPN allows you to securely connect computers, located behind firewalls.

Radmin VPN Benefits:
- No need to register on the website;
- Fast speed and good ping.
Radmin VPN Cons:
- Needs Radmin Server for chat feature;
- Number of members limited to 150, per network;
- Lacks portability, only available for Windows.



Supported Platforms


Link to official Radmin VPN site

Official Website


Built-in VPN No registration required Peer-To-Peer Remote desktop Shared folders Virtual LAN VPN Add a feature


File Sharing Network & Admin Security & Privacy


lan network-utility networking radmin remote-administration


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Radmin VPN Encrypted at 256 bit AES level. Free but that can change in the future. This is proprietary software and normally used as part of Radmin host and client remote control software. You...

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