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Comment by endolith
about Qalculate! · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

This is a great program, like a fast Google Calculator/Wolfram Alpha but with more units that runs on your desktop, with more calculations and more up-to-date currencies than GNU Units.

I wish someone would port it to Windows.

Some of the things it can do:

  • 1/(2·pi·100 Hz·30pF) to ohm
  • 16 bit * 44.1 kHz * 2 to kbit/s
  • 1 hundred V / 5 ohms
  • 1/(2 * pi * sqrt(10 * microF * 100 mH)) to Hz
  • sqrt(4 boltzmann 300K 1 kohm (20 kHz - 20 Hz)) to nV
  • furlong per fortnight to cm/minute
  • attoparsec/microfortnight to in/second


Qalculate! has already been ported to Windows, there is also a portable version (since version 3.1.0), see releases at GitHub ( ).