Proxmox Virtual Environment

    Enterprise-class, open-source virtualization platform supporting container-based and full virtualization.

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    • ma
      malevolent reviewed Proxmox Virtual Environment
      It has a ton of features for a full-fledge enterprise virtualization solution and cutting-edge linux technologies like GlusterFS, Ceph, ZFS, Cloud-init, InfluxDB, Graphana, Open VirtualSwitch, and all you can expect from a enterprise-grade virtualization solution: clustering, snapsnoting, HA, backup, monitoring, templating and provisioning, console access via HTML and Spice, LDAP/AD support, ISCSI, Firewall... I've been using it for years and my first option always.
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      19 days ago
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      20 days ago
    • lukorn thinks VMware vSphere Hypervisor is an alternative to Proxmox Virtual Environment
      27 days ago