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  1.  No Tracking
  2.  Lightweight
  3.  No Logs
  4.  Shadowsocks
  5.  AES-256 Encryption
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Private Internet Access was added to AlternativeTo by GustavoRPS on May 3, 2014 and this page was last updated Sep 3, 2023. Private Internet Access is sometimes referred to as PIA.

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Top positive commentJul 16, 2015

Needs more likes... great and reliable service. There's also a standalone linux client rather than having to setup with openvpn.

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John Fastman
Top positive commentApr 8, 2018

Cheap, easy to use and, crucially, one of the very few -maybe the only - VPN service whose servers were confiscated (in Russia) and were found to be telling the truth: they don't keep any logs about your browsing. Plus, their software is now open source. Win. Win. Win. Win.

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Top negative comment
Pending approval • Edited Dec 7, 2023

PIA is gross. I do not recommend them. I feel bad i ever had a 5 star review up for them. They are not safe, and the are not private. Good luck with your port forwarding. lol also they engage in shady affiliate marketing practices.

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Killswitch is placebo. Needs software firewall like expressvpn or ivpn.

Reply written Jul 12, 2019

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Positive commentJul 12, 2019

Sh1t client on windows and android: qt wrapper with ruby. Ugh

Reroutes torrent traffic.

No software firewall to protect traffic on drop.

Slightly less awesome than torguard.

Do not pay full price. Find a promo code.

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ReviewJun 29, 2018

I went on a road trip and decided that i needed the privacy of a VPN for the hotels and roadside cafés that i would be using for internet access. It worked great for the weeks i was on the road. Strangely, i am home and finishing up my subscription, and now i am getting errors - ruby crashes and i have to reboot! Was i just lucky on the road?

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Susan Yost
Positive commentMar 4, 2018

I love PIA because of its amazing Linux client. Speed is OK (sometimes good) and the price is very reasonable (about $35/year). All in all, PIA is the best choice for me.

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Positive commentJan 9, 2015

I've used PIA for almost a year and found that it works great. Before writing this I was just looking to see if there were any competitors I might switch to, but after searching and not finding any real reason to switch, I'll be sticking with PIA. I use it for both Android and Mac. I set it up on my DD-WRT router, but the router's processing power was not fast enough to keep up with the encryption. So that's been disabled. There are so many free WIFI spots available today, PIA saves you from having to purchase a MIFI. The way I see it PIA saves you money.

[Edited by toddlacy, April 08]

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Ddwrt ? Lol

Now try pfSense.

Reply written Jul 12, 2019

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Private Internet Access platform details


PIA software uses Openvpn


Recommended to use OpenVPN, default client may fail on some distros.


How to use Openvpn:


How to use Openvpn:


Pre-config routers:


Defult config files:


Pre-config routers:

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