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Which is the best X64 Android Distribution?

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After testing 4 androidX86 derivates (Stock Android X86, Remix OS, Phoenix OS and BlissROM) PhoenixOS seems the most stable and compatble Distribution. It supports OTA updates, which are deployed regularly. I've tested in virtual Maschines and two different Laptops, ohne with touch screen. PhoenixOS was the only one which runs smooth and supports every hardare (Keyboard, Touchscreen, Touchpad, Soundcard and so on). RemixOS, which was the most known distribution was a bit disappointing. It didn't run (or running smooth) on most tested maschines. It did not support every hardware, and most disappointing thing: It destroyed most of preinstalled operating systems, touching every local file system and external UEFI loader. Also it crashes a lot.
Bliss and Stock missing the possibility for OTA updates, but at least for bliss, it is planned. On RemixOS, which supports OTA updates, i've not seen any update in the timespan of testing (where 2 OTAs where provided by phoenixOS).


This is amazing!

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I have been using Phoenix OS on my Acer Aspire laptop for the last 6 or so hours and I am seriously geeking the f#@! out over how good it is! It is the best implementation of Android on x86 architecture I've seen. Easily and by far. Get it!