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Open Source

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Good to know: the Basic version (split, merge, extract pages, mix and rotate) is open source and completely free to use without limitations. The Enhanced and Visual version are premium.


A +1 to Robert's comments. The Freemium (i.e. 'Basic') version is light on nagging and does the above easily & well.

An awesome product

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In a field absolutely littered with trialware, nagware, and overpriced solutions, the free PDF Split and Merge is a breath of fresh air and does the job well. I have used it consistently for 2+ years to split, merge, and reorder PDFs.
My only complaint is that it requires Java to be installed on your machine. Java may be problematic on some people's computers. I have never had a problem on the 4 computers I use it on, though.


Only 2 free portable apps PDFTK & PDFsam can split big files

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PDFTK Builder [1] and PDFsam [3] are the only free portable apps able to split or merge more than 140 pages.
If you need a free portable app able to split or merge 147 pages, you can use PDFTK Builder [1], which is available only in english, however. PDFsam is also portable and availaible in many languages (german also). 7-PDF Split & Merge [2] (german + english) can split only max. 50 pages and merge max. 5 files for free. If you want to to split or merge more than 50 pages you must pay 10 EUR for "7-PDF Split & Merge PRO".

[1] Small PDFTK Builder iconPDFTK Builder

[2] Small 7-PDF Split & Merge icon7-PDF Split & Merge

[3] Small PDFsam iconPDFsam

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I have split 600+ page electronic textbooks with PDFSam with no trouble.

Until now PDFSam had no tag "portable" and I did not know, hat there is a portable version until now!

Today I have added the tag "portable" to PDFsam. Thank You dthatcher7 for Your interesting information!

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Simple and free. Has all the required features.


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One of the older versions is the best. They took away a function which made it less functional.


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Simple program that just works as advertised.


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This is great free app for Windows. The free basic version is more than adequate for most uses. On Linux Mint 18.2 it's less wonderful. It's fairly difficult to install (either the deb version or the Java version) and then when you finally get it installed, it attempts to start but can't. The version built in to Software Manager is quite old - 1.14, and this works find but it is a blast from the past in terms of currency.


Great Program, except

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While it offers many features; with most of them paid at a premium price, I do not feel that it is worth a download over Adobe Reader. IT is a drain on the system memory and is awkward to navigate files from within the program.