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    A tabbed PDF reader featuring annotations, bookmarks, and autosave abilities. (Previously known as PDF Reader X)


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      I've only used it for a week, but it's the best PDF reader I've experience for reading academic articles. It's snappy and reminds me of replacing my web browser with Chrome when it first came out. Can easily add native PDF annotations and search through the existing ones. (And it saves them *fast* when you close the file. Competitors either do this slowly or, like Skim, use a non-native annotation format that can't be read by other PDF readers.) Draggable tabs. Plays nicely with Zotero. The UI for "find" displays a lot of info intuitively. Everything is just well designed. I haven't yet run into a limitation on the free version, and upgrading to pro is only $20 anyways. I prefer it over these other PDF readers on maxOS that I have tried: FoxIt, Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Skim. _[Edited by jessriedel, January 05, 2021]_ Update: I have been using this for 3 years now. It remains my favorite PDF reader for MacOS by far. Tragically, it appears to be abandoned, so I can't request some very minor tweaks (e.g., a recently *closed* list rather than just a recently *opened* list).
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