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Much easier to use for DTP than Adobe InDesign! I was a PageMaker user from 1995 through PageMaker 6. Bought 6.5 but returned it -- nothing like the older versions, it was designed to steer people toward InDesign, which in comparison is way to complicated for page layout. PageStream works in much the same way, very similar to PageMaker and QuarkXpress. It's easy to learn if you know one of those pretty well.

There hasn't been a lot of changes in the last 2-3 years -- just a few bug fixes. Runs well on Linux, more stable than Scribus when I first started using PageStream in 2012 (don't know about Scibus now). I don't know that it needs anything else for most page layout operations... I've not had any issues, so I'm not sure "no longer developed" is an issue, though the author still supports it and works on any bug issues. PageStream is commercial, but reasonably priced at $99.95 for the standard version, $149.95 for the Pro version (a few extra features).

Support isn't as good as with larger companies. I've had to seek help with a couple issues, mostly minor install issues that were mostly due to my inexperience with Linux (I use Linux Mint as it's pretty much plug-n-play... not a programmer and don't really want to delve into the system). There is phone support, but best support is through the Yahoo group, which is monitored by the author.


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The only bad thing about PageStream is the frustration you will feel after acclimating and becoming spoiled rotten to its simplicity and intuitive ease of use, then trying to figure out how to use DTP features found in other apps that claim to be "intuitive". i.e. Adobe, Corel, etc. I'm not trying to promote any product; just being honest. I've heavily used software from Adobe, Corel, SoftLogic and many others since 1994 and I know.


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Easy to use if you're familiar with PageMaker and/or QuarkXpress -- much cheaper!