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Open source, zero tracking, zero spying and zero ads social network

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What is Okuna?

Okuna (formerly Openbook) is an open-source, zero tracking, zero spying, zero advertisement, secure social network that gives 30% of it's revenue towards making the world a better place, now and forever.

A project to redefine social networks, a project to rethink the "free" internet, a project to bring transparency to the internet, a project to claim back our privacy. Okuna is a project to make the world a better place.

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The website is unavailable and the Android app doesn't exist anymore.

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Okuna Features

  1.  Ad-freeOkuna doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  2.  No TrackingOkuna will not track you or use your personal data.

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    • Developed byOkuna B.V.
    • LicensingOpen Source and Free product.
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    Okuna was added to AlternativeTo by POX on and this page was last updated . Okuna is sometimes referred to as Openbook.

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    A bit raw, but still quite nice.

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    Top negative comment ago
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    I wanted to sign up on their website, but you need an invite code, and they don’t tell you where to get it from. Clicking on the link Get invite code does not help, you are still on the same login page. So, what could I say about Okuna other than that it’s useless the way it is at the moment (August 2020)?

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    Negative comment ago
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    I know it's in beta but they arent giving me any good reason to post a good review. I waited 1 year or so for them to make an online/web version but they were mostly fixing things in mobile. The mobile isn't great, many features are missing, it can be fix but just like online/web it will take a long time to build. They spent too much money, the indiegogo money used to build the app, all spent on office floor. They dont have a real investor, you can look at the website and see no real investor has given them any chance.

    The app is build on google stuff and 3d party apps, this breaks the privacy people want in the soical media. No one trust google but owners of Okuna claim they made it privacy and anything like spyware is gone. 3rd party apps is something they can't avoid they use it, it cause their app to be detected has spyware because the 3rd party apps they use are within the spyware limits. They use amazon to translate the words instead of open source translation.

    Okuna is closed, you can't sign up to make an account, you need a invite. You can't share post with anyone, there is no link or anything to share post with others. No one in the public will see your post, people in Okuna only see your post if one or two things happen, you either post it on a community or your friends see it. That is how it works, there is no other way people can see your post. The more interaction the higher the chance of your post being in top post.

    There are very few people, many inactive or lurk, gaming that is popular everywhere else in social media is not popular in Okuna. Many communitys that you think are popular will not be popular because there are less people on Okuna. Not many post either, you see like 30 post max per week by popular communitys, no where else will post as much post as Okuna community.

    Will it get better? no i do not think so, their 3rd party apps will cause people to think Okunka to be dangerous and it has been years since they announce Openbook. It will not stay alive for much longer, they been asking for money from patron for quite some time now and if that goes away they go away too.

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