mysms Messenger is a completely free messaging service that supports texting on your smartphone, computer and tablet. mysms works cross-platform and is always free of charge. Stay connected with your friends and family no matter where they are.

Why you should use mysms:

TOTALLY FREE: Send messages for free – to all your buddies.

GROUP CHAT: Chat with up to 50 people at once

TEXT FROM YOUR COMPUTER: Use mysms also on your Mac, PC and Tablet and enter your messages comfortably on your computer keyboard.

AUTOMATIC SYNC: Your messages always stay in sync, no matter which device you are using.

SEND PICTURES: A picture is worth a thousand words! With mysms you can share your happiest moments with your family and friends from your iPhone and desktop computer.

SAVE TEXTS TO EVERNOTE (Premium Feature): mysms integrates with Evernote, so you will never lose a message again. You can save, manage and search your text messages in your Evernote account.


Free with limited functionality

Supported Platforms 2 notes on mySMS's platform support

Mac Windows Online Android Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Google Chrome

Platform comments

  • Mac “$3.99”
  • Online “you can send messages via Internet browser, without SIM card!”

Links to official mySMS sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Evernote integration Send & Receive SMS SMS/Text Message Backup Sms from PC Add a feature


Backup & Sync Social & Communications


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Scary! Look at the ToS below: "You give the party (the “Account Holder”) who owns the domain name as hosted on the Service in which you post your Content (the “Hosted Area”) a non-exclusive...

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