𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨 This is a website intended to be set as the home on what the users browser, so that when the user opens a new tab or a new window, or the click the home button on their browser, they will be confronted with a 5x4 grid of customizable tiles. The user will conveniently and quickly be able to choose of their favorite sites. These 20 customizable slots are each ready to be set by the user to what ever he wants.

--How to Use--
To set a tile the user will need to choose the ‘Edit’ tab in the bottom left corner of the page, or press the [-] key on his keyboard (left arrow key for Firefox users). Once Edit mode is enabled the user can choose any of the white tiles that appears. Clicking one of the tiles will open a menu where he can search for common websites, or input his own information. If he types the name of the website into the search bar, he can press the [\] key above the [enter] key to search for the app. Whether, the user used the search function or not, once the information on the website is filled in, he can press the [enter] key on his keyboard, or double click the ‘Change’ button to save and close the menu. The user can change as many tiles this way and when he is done, he can press the [+] key on his keyboard (right arrow key for Firefox), or click the ‘Use’ tab in the bottom left, next to the ‘Edit’ tab.



Supported Platforms 2 notes on My Hello Life's platform support

Online Google Chrome Safari Opera Brave Firefox

Platform comments

  • Online “The app uses LocalStorage, a form of browser data, and if your browser automatically clears browser data, this app won’t be very useful.”
  • Firefox “Some secondary functions are not available in Firefox. Also, the keyboard shortcuts are different.”

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It loads up faster than it ever has been before. It is a lot simpler as well and the new keyboard shortcuts are so convenient.

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