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      A very simple, easy to use music cataloger. The downside is the interface: a bit old-looking and not very configurable. On the other hand it absolutely respects your criteria for ordering your files. Your Audio-library will be presented in a central list where you can filter the content by artist, album, genre, song rating or own collections. It makes it very easy to spot any errors there may be in your tagging, like the same genre spelt in two different ways or a space where there shouldn't be one. You can also change any tag from within the program, though, as far as I can see, only one at a time. It's not for tagging a huge collection, for that you'd need a different program, but I find it extraordinary for keeping control and order. Searches are very good, quick and accurate, with just any part of the file name. Also you can make "collections" mapping any title to an arbitrary group. A title can be a member of more than one group/Collection. As an example you have a song of Gary Moore and add this to the collection named “Great Guitar”. You can add the same song to a further collection named “Romantic”. Apparently there's also a way to remote-control some functions from the smartphone, though I haven't tried this.
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      over 1 year ago
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