Lighweight text editor for Xfce


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    • POX added Mousepad as alternative(s) to JetBrains Fleet
      1 day ago
    • tuva-hayabi reviewed Mousepad
      Mousepad is a simple and quick text editor, and it’s part of the Xfce desktop environment, so it gets installed with Xubuntu. Mousepad is slim and quick and it is perfect for simple text writing tasks. But it is not a beauty, I have to say, and for writing long texts, I’d rather use a word processing application.
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      6 days ago
    • tuva-hayabi Upvoted a comment on Mousepad
      Its a very nice little editor. Its perfect for simple text graphics, and its ability to change text font, allows to view pseudographics as well. It has tabbed window support, printing, syntax highlighting. However, its not always fit for the job, if you have multiple encodings. It allows to detect and open text in different encoding with live preview, as well as change string endings (Linux, Mac, Windows styles). BUT, it does not allow to save in other encoding. Open yes, create new (UTF8) yes, paste and save as UTF8 yes. But live conversion and export in other encoding dont work - and that might be crucial for text editing; unless one only uses one encodoing, or recodes text using different tool.
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      11 days ago