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    The ultimative Minesweeper-Clone

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    • VV
      VVarhound reviewed Mines-Perfect
      My favorite minesweeper clone. It has alternate board shapes like triangular, hexagonal, even 3D - the ability to mark mines and clear adjacent areas more quickly and easily with better mouse handling - and possibly my favorite, the ability to completely eliminate situations where you're required to guess. Alternately if you want more of a challenge, there's a Murphy's Law option - if you uncover a tile that theoretically could have a mine, it will have a mine. Fast, portable, and all the features of the classic Minesweeper, but more and better.
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      4 months ago
    • VV
      VVarhound liked Mines-Perfect
      4 months ago
    • toyotisz added Mines-Perfect as alternative(s) to Mina2
      11 months ago