MediCat USB is a complete Hiren's Boot Disk replacement for modern computers.

Hiren's Boot Disk was great for the Windows XP, Vista, and 7 era of computing. Unfortunately it was discontinued in 2012, with FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD following it's demise in 2013. So I took on the honor of bringing forth an up-to-date boot disk for everyone. MediCat USB aims to replace the discontinued and dated Hiren's Boot Disk. It is geared towards modern hardware, and loosely follows the Ubuntu release cycle with a newly-updated release every few months.



Supported Platforms 2 notes on MediCat USB's platform support

Windows Linux Easy2Boot RMPrepUSB Ventoy UNetbootin YUMI Rufus ImageUSB Universal USB Installer

Platform comments

  • Windows “This is made for 64-bit computers ONLY! 32-bit support was dropped in 2018.”
  • Linux “This uses ventoy to create the base image, based on GRUB2.”

Links to official MediCat USB sites

Official Website    Source


All in one Create bootable USB Memory analysis Multiboot USB Add a feature


OS & Utilities Security & Privacy


boot-cd data-recovery malwarebytes multiboot-cd partitioning password-recovery pc-suite security-utilities usb-boot winpe


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Hello, I am Jayro, Medicat DVD's only developer. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please post them on the project's webpage, hosted on [Edited by jayrojones, November...

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I opened the run CD option from a fresh windows install and windows defender found several Trojans.

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